Monday, February 4, 2008

Rattled by the Rush

We get shaken or rattled in so many situations. Do we like it? Do we dread it? Do we feed off of it? All of the above.

The rush of being questioned, performing physical feets, or being in awkward situations rattles our inner-souls. We lose ourselves for a moment. The excitement leaves us disoriented.

It's like how you used to wrestle with your dad or an older sibling. You could never win. Your dad was too big, too strong, but he was sure not to hurt you. Something about this fruitless, physical activity arouses you. You then find yourself a little out of it, almost dizzy.

"Rattled by the Rush" places the classic rock tendancies of their later material within the herky jerky, laisez-faire jamminess of mid-nineties Pavement. The song demonstrates quintisential Stephen Malkmus' vocal stylings. He slides easily from deadpan smartass to squealing troubadour and somewhere in between. Aside from SM's singing, it's also one of the most ambitious guitar performances that ranges from the aforementioned classic rockiness to a looser, sloppier.

The song is as Pavement-y as it gets.


Michael said...

I'm fairly sure that the phrase "rattled by the rush" comes from football, where a quarterback can literally be rattled by the defensive line's rush. I think I remember hearing John Madden use this during a telecast.

comoprozac said...

Thanks for that, Michael. Pavement songs are loaded with odd-ball sport references, especially football refs. It makes sense. Of course, I would argue that a pressured QB is just another example of someone being unnerved. Of course, they're all just metaphors for something else.